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 jakens characters

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jakens characters Winged10
Name:Jaken Rainian
species: (Non mortal ) slightly unknown, assumed to be a vampire like the rest of his family.
gender: unknown. (heard to have been a girl at first.)
age: 20
talents: sword mastery, acrobatic.
hes quiet a party animal when it comes to parties and getting out.
mostly calm when every is quiet, hes is rumored to be bi.
hes a slight alcoholic and has a weird addiction to wear skin sight pants with chains, along with a eye patch, along with a skin tight shirt or shirtless, sometimes he can be caught wearing a modern day life outfit for most punks.
he is short tempered and very protective, he often gets into fights with his brothers and sisters.
most of his family is territorial.
he will physically fight and bare fangs to other family members when they are touching their territory.

history: his history was a twisted one.
he was born as a girl, a twin to the heir to the throne, to be the queen of the family.
but as a child he had fallen ill with a sickness that couldn't be cured and his mother imbued the magic from fay into him, mixing and changing him into a monster, he went on a rampage after find otu his sister was killed, his family all left but his mother, she was stuck on regen
with her crazy daughter, the war was going on with eh 2 clans of the regen country.
the rampage had killed most of the city and his mother aswell, the most holy one in the world of regen, regens priestess.
the licht clan had found the girl and her mother dead, she was busy crying to much to notice them arrive, when they did, they took her mother away, telling her that her mother was a mortal, one of them.
jaken was in so much shock she ran towards them, their mage, kasuki placed a seal on her chest, saying she was to disrespectful to woman to be one,and she had been transformed into the gender of her vampire self and demon, she had been made male.
the mage kasuki was very touchy about women doing disrespectful things, and she punished them for it later on.
ever since then, she has been a e, jaken was the new heir to the throne.
he was to be the front dog during the war, he was the one to launch them into battle when it came, he still waits for that day to come.

usual looks:
he has longish spiked hair, with a short spiky ponytail int he back.
it was obsidian black.
he had 10 seals on his body that shown.
and he had the eyes of a vampire, he mostly wears skin tight pants and shirts with zippers and chains, sometimes also attached to some fishnet.
he often wears fingerless gloves and a collar.
he also wears boots most of the time, but oddly he has many things that he holds deep in his room's closet, even his brothers don't know about.

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jakens characters
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