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 Sonne's Character

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PostSubject: Sonne's Character   Sonne's Character Icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 11:03 pm

Name: Sonne Moka
species: Vampire/mage
gender: Female
age: 19
talents: gymnist, cat burglar, weapon specialist, writer, and can control fire and ice.
personality: Quiet and shy at first, she usually stays away from people until she gets to know them better. Friendly to everyone until proven that some people can't be trusted. Never lets anyone close enough to hurt her no matter how long or how good she knows them, likes to party some but not often.
history: Was born into a rich noble family, she was the 3rd out of 4 children and also the only female. She was forced to follow in her brothers footsteps while she was young even though she tried many times to create her own. Her brothers were perfect in everything they do so everyone expected her to be perfect as well. Once she turned 8 and they saw she'd never change and be perfect and be a proper lady she was disowned and kicked out of her house. She ran to the woods with only the clothes on her back, she stayed there for weeks until she finished coming up with her plan to make her family open their eyes. That night she sneaked into the place she once called home and crept into her oldest brother's room and drained him of his blood then left back to the woods. The next day she watched the house fall silent with grief once they found her brother, she walked away since her job was done. She was living off her brother's blood and it made her stronger until she ran out, she prayed on vampires no one would miss or took enough to survive a few months without killing the vampires she fed from. She lived like this ever since moving from place to place with no real place to call home and no friends.
usual looks: Has long black silky hair, red eyes, and a bracelet with a circle ruby on her left wrist. Wears a light bluish white dress that's threaded on the chest with slits on each side and black fishnet stockings and high heeled boots with buckles on them
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Sonne's Character
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